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Board of Trustees:

The governing body of the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church is elected by the parishioners of the church community at the yearly general membership meeting. Board members are in office for a two year term and are eligible for re-election for two additional consecutive terms. After having served their third consecutive term, they will be again eligible for election only after a two year intermission.. The board is responsible for managing and supervising the financial and administrative activities of the church.

Some of the rights and duties of the Board of Trustees:

  • To implement all resolutions and recommendations passed by the Membership Meeting.

  • To prepare the annual budget and report and present it to the Membership Meeting for approval regarding the church, school and other institutions over which it has jurisdiction.

  • To give moral and material support to Armenian and Sunday Schools, Choirs, Ladies Guild and other institutions under the jurisdiction of the parish.

  • To safeguard and protect all movable and immovable property belongings of the church and to protect the legal rights of the church before the courts.

  • To arrange for the construction, repair, or leasing of church buildings and other properties under its jurisdiction after receiving authority from the Membership Meeting.



Mr. Rafi Krikorian, Chairman
Mrs. Lena Surenian, Secretary
Mrs. Sylva Jerikian, Treasurer
Mr. Hovig Vartanian, Advisor
Mr. Ari Killian, Advisor/NRA Delegate
Mr. Vahe Talatinan Advisor
Mr. Hagop Jehezian, Advisor/NRA Delegate


National Representative Assembly Delegates: 

The National Representative Assembly of The Armenian Apostolic Church of America, Inc. is endowed with authority to supervise and control the ecclesiastical and administrative bodies under its jurisdictions. Each parish’s delegates shall be elected at their respective membership meetings. These delegates are elected for a four-year term. Those delegates who complete their four-year term, may be elected for another four-year term. Thereafter, the delegate is again eligible for election after a lapse of two years from the termination of the delegate’s second consecutive four-year term.

NRA Delegates

Mr. Ara Surenian
Mr. Ari Killian

Mr. Hagop Jehezian

Auditing Committee:

The Auditing Committee is composed of three members and is elected for a term of one year by the Membership Meeting. The duty of the Auditing Committee is to examine the accounts of the Board of Trustees and of those organizations and committees accountable to the Board of Trustees, to specify its criticism and suggestions in writing and to present them to the annual Membership Meeting.

Auditing Committee Members

Mr. Ara Alexanian
Mr. Hagop Devedjian
Miss. Violette Dekirmenjian


Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee is composed of three members and is elected for a term of one year by the Membership Meeting. The duty of the Nominating Committee is to verify the members eligible to vote and supervise the elections. It prepares and presents to the membership a list of candidates, double the number of positions to be filled, which includes the names of the incumbents. They then confirm the outcome of the balloting and report to the membership.

Nominating Committee Members

Mr. Ara Surenian
Mr. Armen Alexanian
Mrs Talin Artinian

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