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On May 28, 1928, a group of nine intellectuals, among them writer and educator Levon Shant, historian and critic Nigol Aghbalian, former foreign minister of the Republic of Armenia, Dr. Hamo Ohanchanian, and stage director and art critic Kaspar Ipekian, founded the Hamazkayin Publishing and Cultural Society in Cairo, Egypt.

Subsequently, Hamazkayin chapters were founded throughout the Middle-East, Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, and most recently in the Republic of Armenia. The Chicago chapter was organized on September 18, 1981.

The objective of Hamazkayin is to provide a sound education to the new generation, and to strive toward the preservation of the ethnic identity and cultural heritage of the Armenian people living outside their homeland

Hamazkayin has been successful in establishing secondary and higher educational institutions which have prepared scholars, literary figures, and community leaders. Our society has also played a major role in the field of publishing, and for over seventy years, including thirty years in the United States, has contributed to the advancement of Armenian culture in general.

Hamazkayin is a non-profit organization, presently functioning under the official name of Hamazkayin Armenian Cultural & Educational Society.

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