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The Ladies Guild of the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church was organized in December 1943, and has been an active organization throughout the history of our church. The Ladies Guild is a member of the National Association of Ladies Guilds of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Eastern Prelacy.

The Guild is an integral part of our church and community. All financial proceeds resulting from the activities and efforts of the Guild pass directly to the church, assisting in its financial needs.

The cooperation and assistance of the Ladies Guild are always present as progressive factors in the everyday operation of our church and community center.

Ladies Guild Executives: 
Mrs. Araxi Biberian- Chairwoman
Mrs. Maro B. Stathopoulos- Vice Chairwoman
Mrs. Anahid Arterian- Secretary
Mrs. Susan Chitjian Erickson- Treasurer
Mrs. Kohar Ohanian- Advisor
Mrs. Mayreni Papazian- Advisor
Mrs. Gladys Thompson- Advisor

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