The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament of the Armenian Church in which a man and a woman solemnly vow before Christ, the priest and the congregation to love, respect and cherish each other for life. Their union is blessed by Christ through the Church.

The Wedding Sacrament must be performed according to the canons of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Please schedule your wedding in advance by calling the church office (847-998-1989)

The marrying couple are required to get a marriage license from the county of their residence, without the license the priest cannot perform the sacrament.


The Wedding Service

  • Processional to the Front of the Chancel

  • The Lord’s Prayer

  • Exchange of Vows

  • Blessing of the Rings

  • Hymn: Aysor Yergnayink (Today The Celestials Rejoice)

  • Joining of the Right Hands and Heads

  • Hymn: Naya ee Mez (Look Upon Us)

  • Prayer and Introit

  • Processional into the Chancel

  • Hymn: “Oorakh Ler” (Rejoice,O Holy Church)

  • The Trisagion

  • Litany of the Faithful

  • Readings

  • Epistle of St. Paul: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

  • The Gospel according to Matthew: 19:3-9

  • Blessing of the Crowns and Crowning

  • Hymn: “Tak Bardzanats” (O Glorious Crown)

  • Prayer of Crowning

  • Hymn: “Ov Yeranelit” (O Thou Blessed of All)

  • Removal of Crowns

  • Blessing of the Cup of Wine

  • The prayer of dismissal

  • The Lords prayer

  • The recessional